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Leverage iovation’s Expertise to Protect Your Players at All Points in Their Journey

Attracting and retaining VIP players takes trust. iovation’s online casino and gambling fraud detection and prevention solutions enable you to protect your best players across each trust touchpoint, from registration, login, deposit, all the way to withdrawal. 

The world of online gambling attracts a mix of players — those just out to have a good time, but also those who want to game the system by committing financial fraud or identity theft. Online gambling operators and platform providers have to constantly stay on top of the fraudsters to make sure a few dishonest players don’t ruin the game for those playing by the rules. iovation's fraud detection and prevention software solutions can give you the edge in keeping ahead of fraudsters.

Stay competitive by offering new players attractive bonuses based on their level of trustworthiness and risk. Quickly identify, reward and retain your VIP customers with enticing promotions and an excellent playing experience.

Key Capabilities

Authenticate VIP'ers while managing abuses, including:

  • Player collusion
  • Bonus abuse
  • Credit card fraud
  • License agreement violations
  • Trading restrictions
  • Self exclusions

Creating a Winning Experience While Battling Online Fraud

Our online fraud detection and prevention solutions for the gambling industry allows you to learn how to distinguish your good, trusted customers from fraudsters without adding friction to the player experience. Get insight into how emerging technology can help in incentivizing your best customers while reducing promo abuse to help you attract new customers while retaining your VIP'ers.

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